What the Wine Industry Needs to Know About Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete wineryStamped Concrete is possibly the most common form of decorative concrete in use, which means if you own or manage a wine tasting room, you likely have a slab of stamped concrete around.  If so, do you know how to properly maintain it?  And if you’re looking at adding new flooring in or around your wine tasting room, is stamped concrete a good option for you?  The experts at Pristine Concrete are here to help!  We’re located in the heart of wine country: Paso Robles, California, so we understand the needs of wine tasting rooms and we’re experts on concrete.


What is Stamped Concrete?

Let’s start with the basics: what is stamped concrete?  Stamped concrete is a poured concrete that has been custom fit into a slab of any shape your tasting room needed, indoors or outside.  Then, a stamp was used to morph the concrete into a woodgrain, slate, brick, tile, cobblestone, river rock, plank, or other (usually Earthen) shape.  The concrete was probably colored when it was poured and given extra coloring when it was stamped.  This gives it a beautiful appearance when complete that tends to blend right in with its surroundings.  As many tasting rooms like to go with a natural look in Paso Robles that is in harmony with the vines and Oak trees, stamped concrete is very popular here.


If I Already Have Stamped Concrete, Does it Need Maintenance?

The short answer: probably, yes.  When was the last time you sealed your concrete?  If you do not know the answer to this, then the answer is definitely yes.  Decorative concretes are sealed when they are first finished.  Depending on U.V. exposure and foot traffic, they may need to be re-sealed more than once per year or as infrequently as once every five years.  This will preserve the color of the concrete and prevent staining (spilled red wine, perhaps?).  Some sealants are also slip resistant, which is good for your patrons, and water/spill resistant (to really keep that red wine out of your porous concrete).  We offer concrete maintenance – if you would like to have an estimate for sealant, simply contact us for an estimate.


Is Stamped Concrete Good for the Environment?

Yes.  We believe in being environmentally friendly with decorative concrete.  If you are considering re-doing the flooring inside your tasting room or the winery itself, know that concrete flooring is more energy efficient, has lower maintenance needs, and keeps waste out of the landfill.  You can also prevent fumes from flooring installation upsetting the wine tasting experience by switching to concrete flooring.


So to sum it up, if you’re in the wine industry, stamped concrete is a great thing to have: it’s beautiful and will compliment your tasting room; it’s environmentally friendly and won’t offend noses; and it can repel stains if you keep up on its maintenance.   Take a look around your wine tasting room (or the next one you visit) and leave a comment if you spot some stamped concrete.  You might see our decorative concrete at places like:

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