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Specializing in providing professional concrete sealing solutions to protect and enhance your concrete surfaces’ longevity, appearance, and performance. Our experienced team of concrete contractors is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that meet your specific needs and exceed industry standards.

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Concrete Sealing That Lasts.

Concrete sealing offers numerous benefits that make it a valuable investment for both residential and commercial applications:

  1. Protection against damage: Concrete surfaces are susceptible to damage from various sources, such as water penetration, UV rays, chemicals, and stains. Concrete sealing acts as a protective barrier, preventing moisture absorption, minimizing the effects of weathering, and shielding the concrete against stains and deterioration.

  2. Increased durability and longevity: By sealing your concrete surfaces, you enhance their durability and extend their lifespan. Sealing reduces the risk of cracks, spalling, and other forms of damage, preserving the structural integrity of your concrete and saving you from costly repairs or replacements.

  3. Enhanced appearance: Concrete sealing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces. It brings out the natural color and texture of the concrete, making it look vibrant and well-maintained. Sealing can also provide a subtle sheen or gloss, giving your concrete a polished and professional finish.

  4. Easier maintenance: Sealed concrete surfaces are easier to clean and maintain. The protective layer created by the sealant prevents dirt, oil, and other contaminants from penetrating the concrete, allowing for effortless cleaning and minimizing the need for harsh chemicals or intensive scrubbing.

  5. Resistance to stains and chemicals: Concrete sealing creates a barrier that resists the penetration of stains, oil spills, and chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for driveways, parking lots, garage floors, and other high-traffic areas prone to spills and chemical exposure.

Our Concrete Sealing Services Include.

  1. Surface preparation: We begin by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the concrete surfaces to ensure optimal sealant adhesion. This may involve pressure washing, removing stains, and repairing any existing cracks or imperfections.

  2. Sealant selection: We work with you to select the most appropriate sealant for your needs. Whether you require a penetrating sealer, acrylic sealer, epoxy coating, or other specialized sealant, our team will recommend the best product for your project.

  3. Application techniques: Our skilled contractors utilize professional application techniques to ensure even coverage and proper sealant adhesion. We pay attention to detail, addressing all areas, edges, and joints to create a consistent and long-lasting seal.

  4. Curing and drying: We allow sufficient time for the sealant to cure and dry, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. This ensures the sealant fully bonds with the concrete, providing maximum protection and performance.

  5. Quality assurance: We perform a thorough inspection to ensure the sealant has been applied correctly and meets our high standards. If necessary, we address any touch-ups or additional coats to guarantee a flawless finish.

At Pristine Concrete, we pride ourselves in our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional concrete sealing services. Our goal is to protect and enhance the performance and appearance of your concrete surfaces, providing you with long-lasting results.

Trusted For More Than 30 Years.

Pristine Concrete is a premier polish and decorative concrete specialist in Central California. Their management team is knowledgeable in environmental issues regarding the polishing concrete industry.

The owner, Mike Boeddeker, is considered a national leader in polished concrete, and their experience and performance ensure first-class results for their clients.

The whole crew was amazing. They were professional and cleaned up after themselves. Mike and Nate were just a blessing to work with.

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