Polished Concrete is a cost effective method for decorative treatment of concrete flooring. The most common use for polished concrete is indoor concrete restoration. Unlike other decorative concrete processes, such as acid or water-based stains, polished concrete uses a special diamond tooling system and color dyes that penetrate the surface of concrete as oppose to stains that are topical. The polished concrete process does not use sealers or waxes; instead the process requires the use of a “densifier” that hardens the surface, allowing the finished results to be a smooth glass like appearance.

The polishing process is much like wood finishing: to achieve a smooth, glossy surface the polishing process starts with grinding the surface multiple times at different “grits,” usually starting at 40 grit going up to 3,000 grit. This process begins to create a very smooth surface and when completed also provides a high degree of sheen or as it’s known in the industry: (high) gloss reading.

Not all polished concrete is the same when we mention this gloss reading.  At Pristine Concrete, we use the concrete polishing industry standards in surface refinement and progressive grinding to ensure a high gloss reading which gives our customers a quantifiable measurement of their polished concrete floor.  Some concrete contractors have been recently found by the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association to be cutting corners in their polishing systems and relying more heavily on topical sealers to obtain a high gloss finish after the polish when they should read as a high gloss on the meter before any topical product is applied.  Relying on topical products over an improperly polished concrete floor may not endure heavy commercial or industrial flooring conditions.  We want our customers to know we use HTC SuperFloors™ and RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System® to provide you with the very best in polished concrete.

There are many benefits for all the decorative concrete methods, as you will see in the other sections of our web site. Polished concrete has unique features to consider. It’s a cost effective flooring option, sustainable solution and easy to maintain. Call us to get a detail assessment for your particular needs and budget.

Best of all, as you might be thinking, polished concrete, done correctly, has a slip resistance factor for safety purposes. Now that you have all the main facts about polished concrete, call us today and start polishing your image!

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  1. Saundra

    We had Pristine Concrete remove some old kitchen tile and carpet out of our home in Paso Robles, CA and had the original concrete pad stained a beautiful golden beige color and polished. I can’t express how much we LOVE our “new” floors! We live out in the country with dogs and cats coming in and out so the old carpets would get terribly dirty very quickly. I constantly had to vacuum, mop and steam clean. Now with our “new” polished and stained floors all I have to do is run a micro fiber floor mop around and they look clean and shiny! I wish I would of had my floors done years ago!!!!

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