About Us

About Us is About Concrete and About Your Lifestyle …


Concrete is a canvas and our work is our expression of our creative passion. Our goal is to be your conduit to bring to life your unique decorating theme, blend your indoor and outdoor living space with a seamless designs.


Concrete can extend our expression of life; about you, your family and friends. Decorated, bare concrete with textures, colors and smoothness provides a connection to nature, since concrete is the most organic building material on earth.


Concrete commingles colors, textures, visual, tactile senses with white space, water and light, just to name a few relationships with concrete.

Call us and let’s have an inspiring conversation about your concrete. We service Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and many locations in Southern California

Please call us at 805-237-9221 office or emails us info@pristineconcrete.com

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Here is a short list of projects we’ve done concrete for:

1. Martin and Weyrich Winery

2. Dolphin Bay Resort

3. A&R Furniture

4. Light House Suites

5. Robin Ventura Residents

6. Sextant Winery

7. Firestone Walker Beer

8. Bahama Bay Tanning

9.Bubbas Bad Ass BBQ

10. Black Horse Coffee

11. Houge Grips

12. Firestone Winery