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Specializing in residential stamped concrete solutions that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces. Stamped concrete offers a wider range of colors and patterns than traditional pavers, providing a more realistic and natural look that perfectly matches your home and landscaping vision. Our expert team can pour and personalize the concrete to your shape specifications while maintaining a continuous slab. Whether you’re looking for a driveway resembling river rock or a pool deck replicating the elegance of slate stone, our stamped concrete can bring your vision to life.

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A Look At Our Stamped Concrete Services.

Stamped concrete is the most common decorative finish for concrete and is also widely popular to use in conjunction with staining, stenciling, and sealers. In fact, you probably see stamped concrete every day and may not even be aware of it! Concrete stamping can gently emboss patterns onto concrete that resemble wood or slate, or give it a deeper texture and morph concrete into brick, tile, or stone. It is often used around patios and pools, along on- and off-ramps on the freeway, to create beautiful interior design projects for commercial business, and in hospitality for grand entryways – to name a few.

Residential Stamped Concrete

Around the home, stamped concrete can do anything pavers can do, only better!* Stamped concrete has a wider range of colors and patterns to provide a more realistic and natural look that will better match your home and landscaping vision. Stamped concrete can be poured to your shape specifications and personalized while remaining in a continuous slab.

Would you like a driveway that looks like a river rock to match the rounded stone veneer on your home and boulder landscaping? Stamped concrete can do that. Thinking about adding a pool and want to have a pool deck in slate stone without paying for real slate? Stamped concrete can do that, too.

(*The only exception would be paving over tree roots – if you plan to put concrete over tree roots, pavers are sometimes considered a better solution over any poured concrete as you can lift them up to saw down the root growth, then replace them every few years which prevents trip hazards and cracks. We don’t suggest pouring concrete over tree roots.)

Commercial Stamped Concrete

Unlike residential stamped concrete, commercial stamped concrete projects are as often indoor projects as outdoor ones. And what we often find with our commercial stamped concrete clients is they desire more color impact from their concrete to leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind. With all stamped concrete, colors can be mixed in before pouring and stamping the concrete, and a second color is often used with the stamp itself (known as an accent color) to give depth of texture to the stamping. We also offer other decorative concrete solutions our commercial clients will opt for, including gloss or acid staining after the concrete stamping is complete.

Popular patterns with our commercial stamped concrete projects include:

  • Woodgrain
  • Herringbone Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Slate Tile
  • European Fan
  • Octagon Tile
  • Random Stone

With our headquarters in Paso Robles, California, we pour a lot of concrete for tasting rooms. The next time you go wine tasting, take a look at the concrete and you might notice that it is stamped concrete. If they have a fountain, fan patterns are very popular concrete stamps around fountains, but a less textured pattern is likely to be used indoors with a concrete stain to give it more color.

Industrial Stamped Concrete

Expansive building projects have turned to us for their industrial stamped concrete needs because we have the team of concrete experts to get the job done right. Agricultural warehouses, processing facilities, airplane hangars, industrial garages, colleges, freeway on- and off-ramps, and other large building venues have concrete needs but don’t need to settle for flat, grey concrete. Industrial stamped concrete is a great solution for large-scale concrete projects because the stamp pattern remains consistent across the concrete foundation and using a stamp can help break up the look of a large concrete slab.

Industrial stamped concrete may have special requirements beyond the decorative touch such as higher tensile strength, vertical installment, rebar, custom stamps or molds – all of which we are happy to do. We handle industrial contracts; contact us for more information.

Stamped Concrete Sealing

We offer several different options to seal your stamped concrete. The option best for you will depend on whether your stamped concrete is indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, or industrial – and how decorative it is. All decorative concrete needs to be protected, including stamped concrete, so be sure to re-seal your concrete periodically, depending on use and U.V. exposure.

Our Stamped Concrete Services Include.

  1. Custom Design and Pattern Selection: Our experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and design preferences. We offer a wide range of stamp patterns, including woodgrain, herringbone brick, cobblestone, slate tile, European fan, octagon tile, random stone, and more. We can also create custom patterns and designs to match your unique style and architectural requirements.

  2. Color Integration and Accenting: Enhance the visual appeal of your stamped concrete with our color integration and accenting services. We offer a variety of colors and techniques to achieve the desired effect, whether you prefer a subtle and natural look or a bold and vibrant statement. Our experts will guide you in selecting the right color scheme and accent colors that complement your space and achieve the desired aesthetic.

  3. Expert Installation and Stamping Techniques: Our skilled team ensures precise and professional stamped concrete installation. We use industry-leading techniques and tools to achieve consistent and high-quality results. From meticulous surface preparation to the application of stamps, we pay attention to every detail to ensure the patterns and textures are accurately replicated and aligned.

  4. Customization and Personalization: Stamped concrete offers endless possibilities for customization. Whether you want to mimic the look of natural materials like wood, slate, or stone or create a unique design that reflects your personal style, our team can bring your ideas to life. We can incorporate personalized elements such as logos, emblems, or intricate artwork into the stamped concrete to add a distinctive touch to your space.

  5. Sealing and Surface Protection: We provide sealing services to ensure the longevity and durability of your stamped concrete. Our high-quality sealers protect the surface from stains, water damage, UV rays, and general wear and tear. We carefully select the appropriate sealer based on the specific application, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use, residential or commercial settings, or high-traffic areas.

  6. Maintenance and Repair: Over time, stamped concrete may require maintenance or repairs. Our team offers maintenance services to keep your stamped concrete looking its best. This may include resealing, re-coloring, or touch-up work to restore the appearance and protect the surface. In case of any damage or issues, we provide efficient repair solutions to ensure your stamped concrete’s longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Experience the beauty and versatility of stamped concrete with Pristine Concrete. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and let our team of professionals transform your space with stunning stamped concrete designs and installations.

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Pristine Concrete is a premier polish and decorative concrete specialist in Central California. Their management team is knowledgeable in environmental issues regarding the polishing concrete industry.

The owner, Mike Boeddeker, is considered a national leader in polished concrete, and their experience and performance ensure first-class results for their clients.

Quality, Value, Sustainability

Pristine Concrete has completed thousands of square feet of polished concrete flooring for us in the last several years. We have been extremely pleased not only with the high quality product, but also the entire experience working with Mike and his crew. With there investment in equipment the air quality while grinding was surprisingly clean.

We find great value in Pristine Concrete’s work, the primary of which are aesthetics and durability. It is far more durable than any other flooring surface, with less maintenance. From a sustainable aspect, it does not require any other raw materials to be processed such is would be the case with carpet, vinyl, and/or tile. We highly recommend Pristine Concrete and Mike Boeddeker for your projects.

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