Being Environmentally Friendly with Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete is environmentally friendlyDid you know decorative concrete is the environmentally friendly flooring solution for your home or office?  If that surprises you, you’re not alone.  Concrete isn’t the first thing people think of when they hear “environmentally friendly flooring,” but it really should be.  After all, when you envision environmentally friendly flooring, you’re probably thinking of something earthen, green, and growing and that just wouldn’t work in a house – or even worse, at a hospital!  Here are the top three reasons why more and more people in San Luis Obispo County are turning to decorative concrete flooring to be more environmentally friendly:

3.  Concrete floors are more energy efficient because they keep a consistent temperature. Concrete is slower to heat up and slower to cool down.  So in the summer, your home or office will take longer to heat up which will save you money on air conditioning in addition to saving the environment from the burden of that extra electricity, fuel, and/or water you’re using to keep cool.  And the reverse is true in the winter.  If you’re worried about cold feet when you step out of bed, don’t be!  You can always add a few decorative area rugs, but concrete doesn’t get as cold as tile (or poorly installed faux wood or laminate for that matter) and holds its temperature rather than being frigid each morning and fluctuating throughout the rest of the day.

2.  Concrete floors also have lower maintenance needs than carpet, wood, tile, or laminate. This keeps harmful chemicals out of your daily environment and, being a local company, we know how important this is to the people of San Luis Obispo County. Have you ever read the ingredient list on the back of a bottle of carpet shampoo or specialty wooden-floor cleanser?  Yikes!  And of course, being based out of Paso Robles, we understand how much our friends and neighbors love wine, especially our regional red blends.  If your glass slips or your dog catches the bottle on the table with his tail, you don’t have to worry about it with properly sealed or polished decorative concrete.  Are you willing to test that against grouted tile, wood, or carpet?  Even laminates aren’t all waterproof and can stain, which requires completely removing those pieces and replacing them.  If you spill a bit of Paso Robles Red Blend on your concrete floor, it wipes right up with a damp cloth or paper towel.  No problem.

1.  And if you really care about keeping our planet green, concrete floors are the best option to avoid overburdening our landfills. Wood, carpet, tile, and laminate all need to be replaced, creating a cycle of waste which all goes to the landfill again and again. With our decorative concrete options, you can actually just stain, polish, and/or seal the slab that’s already under your house – no new concrete required (unless you have a raised foundation, then contact us and we’ll look at your options with you) – so break the cycle of waste once and for all!  How’s that for going green and saving some green at the same time?!

Clients across San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara Counties love our decorative concrete.  We’ve done projects that look like faux leather, marble, stone, sea life, tribal art, logos, badges, and more.  View our gallery here for some of our favorite past projects or join us on Facebook to see the newest projects as they happen.

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