The Best Flooring for Allergies? Concrete Floors!

People who don’t live on the central coast of California between Monterey and Santa Barbara may think allergens don’t exist here, but we locals know the truth!  Between the Bermuda Grass of Santa Barbara, Arroyo Willow of Arroyo Grande, Beach Wormwood of Monterey, and many varieties of Oak of Paso Robles, allergens are everywhere here. […]

Wax On or Wax Off? When Was The Last Time You Used Concrete Wax?

Do you have ‘wax on’? Did you know concrete floors that aren’t mechanically polished need to be waxed?  It’s true.  Even if you know there was a concrete sealant put on your floor, it still needs a topical application of floor wax to preserve that sealant.  The only exception to the rule of ‘wax on’ […]

How To Choose The Best Concrete Contractor

Let’s first address an elephant in this digital “room” – we aren’t the only concrete contractor servicing San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbra, and Monterey Counties.  We know that and we’re OK with it.  Why?  Because everyone has their own criterion for selecting someone they consider to be the “best;” it’s impossible for us to be […]