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Wax On or Wax Off? When Was The Last Time You Used Concrete Wax?

san luis obispo concrete waxDo you have ‘wax on’?

Did you know concrete floors that aren’t mechanically polished need to be waxed?  It’s true.  Even if you know there was a concrete sealant put on your floor, it still needs a topical application of floor wax to preserve that sealant.  The only exception to the rule of ‘wax on’ is concrete flooring that has been polished with something like HTC Superfloor™ or the RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System®.  These polishing systems will grind away the top layer of concrete with a diamond tooling system and instead of a wax or sealer will use a densifier to harden and gloss the surface instead.

So when was the last time you waxed your floors?  Concrete is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason, but all too often we’ve seen home and business owners with sealed concrete in need of help – and most of them were never told that they needed to wax it.

What happens if you go with ‘wax off’?

If you don’t wax your concrete flooring, you may soon find that your concrete is becoming discolored in high-traffic areas and that the floor is losing its luster.  Wax protects the sealant and the sealant protects the color, so without wax, the color will be damaged, darkened, stained, or lifted.  It’s damage that’s completely avoidable.  By regularly waxing your concrete and not letting the concrete sealant get damaged, you’ll save yourself a lot of money in repairs.

Concrete waxing tips:

Don’t skimp. Higher-grade waxes tend to last longer without peeling and more coats (especially in high-traffic areas) can last longer when applied properly.

Clean before you wax. Removing the layers of wax that are peeling and flaking before putting down a fresh coat will give you a better finish.

Do less more often.  A big question everyone asks is: “How often should I wax my concrete floor?” but this is unique to every situation based on traffic, wax quality, number of wax coats applied, and the quality of the work done when it was applied.  The rule of thumb with wax flooring is to do it more often so that you’re doing less – taking off fewer layers of wax and not having to completely re-do the concrete sealant.  The goal of waxing your floor is to preserve the sealant you already have.

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How To Choose The Best Concrete Contractor

Mike the Concrete Contractor

Mike the Concrete Contractor in Action

Let’s first address an elephant in this digital “room” – we aren’t the only concrete contractor servicing San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbra, and Monterey Counties.  We know that and we’re OK with it.  Why?  Because everyone has their own criterion for selecting someone they consider to be the “best;” it’s impossible for us to be the best concrete contractor in San Luis Obispo County for everyone.  Maybe someone doesn’t like blue trucks because they got in an accident with one as a teenager.  We’d be out of the running immediately.  But idiosyncrasies aside, there are a few ways to choose the best concrete contractor for your job that we would like to share them with you.

  1. They return your phone call. Nearly all contractors in San Luis Obispo County seem to have a problem picking up the phone anymore.  They may be highly recommended by your friend or neighbor, but if they aren’t responsible enough to call you back to bring you on as a new customer, are they going to call you back when you have a problem and need help?
  2. They have reviews and/or references to share with you. These days, anyone can (and does) have a website.  So owning a website does not make a concrete contractor a legitimate business.  Make sure you can read recommendations or talk to a reference or two before you commit.  It’s also a good idea to run an Internet search of the concrete contractor’s name (and/or company name) with the word “reviews” and make sure there aren’t other reviews out there they didn’t want you to see.
  3. They provide a transparent estimate.  Not everyone provides a free estimate as some estimates can take 4-5 hours to prepare (especially if there is a long drive involved), but an estimate should clearly identify where your money is going.
  4. You can see samples of their work. Most portfolios are online now, and there are usually even more images on Facebook.  Ask where you can find some samples of their work and make sure you like what you see.
  5. Ask them questions over the phone or in person. This is my personal favorite – by asking questions on the spot, you’ll get a feel for their personality.  You aren’t just giving this concrete contractor a lot of money, you’re also going to be spending a lot of time around them and their team.  Do they laugh?  Are they friendly?  Chances are, they have hired people that are also fun and friendly.  If they are more dry and direct, you can expect a team that keeps their noses down and on task, but may feel a little cold at times.  Choosing a personality is a personal decision, but make sure it’s on your list of qualifications when selecting the best concrete contractor for you.  Mike is certainly one of the fun concrete contractors of San Luis Obispo County.

As for Pristine Concrete, we will return your call as soon as we possibly can and will often provide the owner’s cell phone number to clients to make sure you get the service you need.  Our reviews are on our website and all over the Internet – all positive.  We always provide a transparent estimate and we’re currently working on incorporating better software to give you an even easier to read estimate.  And we take great pride in the beauty of our work, so you’ll find pictures of it everywhere – our website, Facebook Page, Google+ Page, and more.  We would love to talk to you.  Fill out our estimate request form on our website or Give us a call at 805-237-9221!

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