Spraying Weeds in Your Driveway Year After Year? Concrete Resurfacing Can Save You Money!

concrete driveway san luis obispoWe enjoy beautiful weather her in San Luis Obispo County, but with this mild climate comes a year-round battle with weeds.  And they find their way into everything, don’t they?  Even into those little tiny cracks in your driveway, causing more damage and opening up more space for even more weeds.  With laborious pulling and the best ground-all-around-clear-up-365 spray, you’ll still only be able to keep the weeds away for so-long before they rear their ugly little heads again, sending you back to the store for more expensive spray.

Little cracks appear in concrete as it ages and the material begins to break down.  This is normal in the life cycle of your concrete.  If it was installed properly with a good foundation, your concrete should be pretty old before this begins to happen, but if you have a home or business with concrete that was old to begin with, you are fighting a battle you can’t win with the weeds.  The cracks in your concrete will only continue to get bigger.

So don’t keep wasting money on a temporary solution.  Concrete resurfacing now will save you money over the years in expensive weed sprays – and it can also keep those little cracks from becoming so big that they require a more costly repair down the road.  Concrete resurfacing is cheaper than replacement (good for your bottom line), maintains the integrity of your existing concrete longer (keeping it out of landfills – good for the environment), can be a great excuse to dress up your business facility or residence by adding some concrete stain at the same time, and will seal up any cracks to keep the weeds out (no more expensive and toxic sprays).

The process for concrete resurfacing is surprisingly simple.  We’ll come out to your home or business in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or Monterey counties and start by thoroughly cleaning and prepping your existing concrete.  This will remove any oil, sand, or other debris.  We’ll also have to get rid of any weeds still growing through the cracks at this time, too, but the 3500psi pressure washer we’ve got will likely take care of that!  Then, we work our magic by scrubbing and smoothing the new layer of specialty concrete on the clean surface and add any decorative finishes.  Depending on the finishing touches and weather conditions, your fresh, new concrete driveway or patio will be ready for foot-traffic in about 6 hours and will last for years and years, leaving you free to enjoy life on the central coast.

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