3 Industrial Concrete Flooring Options with Decorative Concrete

industrial concrete flooring Industrial flooring systems have different needs than residential or even commercial concrete flooring systems.  Often times, industrial concrete flooring systems demand higher performance from the concrete – but that doesn’t stop it from having a decorative finish.  There are high performance decorative solutions for industrial concrete flooring that can meet the needs of any industry.

Industry Uses of Decorative Concrete Flooring

We’re often asked which industries are a “good fit” for industrial concrete flooring systems.  Many people first think of a warehouse when they think of industrial concrete flooring, but when decorative applications are factored in, taking high performance concrete with pristine design and color combinations, the industries which can benefit from these concrete flooring systems are nearly endless!

  • Aerospace and Aviation hangars
  • Agricultural processing plants, distilleries, and wineries
  • Automotive factories, service departments, and showrooms
  • Education campuses and student housing
  • Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and laboratories
  • Hospitality patios, facilities, and pools
  • Entertainment theme parks, water parks, and wintery tasting rooms
  • Warehouses, barrel storage rooms, and garages

Types of Decorative Concrete

In industrial concrete applications, we have three decorative concrete choices we suggest the most often: polished concrete, stained concrete, and epoxy flooring.  These three decorative concrete solutions offer a variety of color choices including mixed-in color and additional flake in some cases (see our gallery here) without losing the high performance integrity of the concrete.  And if you have existing concrete you are looking to restore and apply a decorative finish to, these decorative finishes can still be an option.

Polished Concrete for Industrial Applications

Existing concrete flooring can be brought back to life and improved to meet the high performance demands of industrial flooring through polishing.  HTC Superfloor™ is an economical, environmentally friendly, and durable concrete polishing system we use which mechanically strips away the concrete paste on the surface to expose the stronger layer beneath.  This stronger concrete layer is then polished to a beautiful, easy to maintain shine (no wax needed).  HTC Superfloor concrete polishing has been used on the museum flooring underneath massive tanks. In very large-scale industrial applications with existing concrete, concrete polishing can provide a better appearance and more durability.

We also use RetroPlate™ systems for concrete polishing.  Some industries will find their system offers a better benefit for the job.  Like HTC Superfloor, Retroplate will strip away the top surface of concrete paste to expose the lower, stronger layer of concrete, but RetroPlate uses mechanical and chemical components getting deeper into the existing concrete flooring for a deeper restoration process.  RetroPlate also meets OSHA and ADA SCOF standards and qualifies for use on LEED projects which may be important in your industrial application.

Stained Concrete for Industrial Applications

In many polished concrete flooring applications, the final product remains gray although it will have a beautiful glossy shine.  Enter concrete stain.  Acid staining concrete becomes a permanent part of the concrete and won’t face, chip, or peel away like paint, which is what makes stained concrete a perfect decorative solution for industrial concrete applications. Acid staining concrete is where the creativity and uniqueness of your industry comes into play as the color choices and designs are endless.  Custom walking paths can be etched with acid stain into a large polished walkway at an aquarium without breaking apart any existing concrete slab.  Branded colors and logos can be put into flooring like a seal at the center of a business or at an entryway to greet employees or customers.  But it is important to know that stained concrete is not as strong as unstained polished concrete and does require some care and maintenance to maintain the vivid colors once complete.  We recommend using a sealer over stained concrete.  The frequency depends on the location: UV exposure, foot traffic, chemical spills like wine, etc.

Epoxy Flooring for Industrial Applications

In industrial flooring environments where heavy objects might be dropped, oils might spill, and acidic compounds might stain, our clients often choose epoxy flooring.  Epoxy flooring has a high compressive strength while also resisting drops and spills, which is why we install it in commercial and industrial garages, hospitals, kitchens, and agricultural plants (especially for wineries here in Paso Robles).  Epoxy flooring offers singular flat colors with a high gloss shine, or they can be mixed with large or fine-grit flakes in a spectrum of colors, including pearlescent and metallic, which opens up a world of color design in epoxy flooring.

Industrial Concrete Flooring Doesn’t Have to be Dull!

We’ve just gone over our three most common solutions for providing decorative concrete flooring in industrial applications.  These are relatively quick jobs, even on the large-scale of an industrial job, so there is no reason why your business needs to suffer from dull flooring that is difficult to maintain, chips under pressure, and maybe even needs maintenance for cracks.  Industrial flooring has the highest demands of any concrete flooring and shouldn’t be neglected.  It carries the heaviest load of any system in your business!

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