Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings can cover a gamut of uses, from traditional “industrial” applications such as warehouses, to commercial manufacturing, hospital and restaurant applications.

As with other trends in design and remolding, industrial coatings have traversed into many corners of residential and “non-industrial” applications. For example, the photograph below is of a retail motorcycle store. The gray coating is a metallic gray epoxy.

In the next photo you can see a traditional high glossy epoxy with the natural coloration that makes an Epoxy coating very attractive.


Epoxies come in various colors and many times these colors are blended to achieve unique looks and exotic color blends.


Industrial coatings, such as this floor of an optical center is the same type of coating many are familiar with used in garage flooring. The difference here is the fine-ness or granular size of the “flake” used. This surface is very strong, used in commercial restaurants, hospitals and other high tension or high traffic areas.

As you can also see, Epoxy coatings are very “decorative”.


This photo is a solid epoxy color and is the original use for epoxies.


Epoxy treatment has a good number of caveats because epoxy coatings are designed to be “protective coatings”, they were designed to “block” anything to travel from beneath the surface or substrate and anything penetrating coming from the top of the substrate downward.

Epoxies require a higher degree of installation knowledge because its repair or removal due to poor installation or budget considerations can be a very costly fix. Moisture, vapors, ground composition, even regional environmental characteristics affect how epoxies react to their new “home”.

Moisture blocking from below the surface is the most common problem we see in installations. These problems come from homeowners and property owners who think that the big box epoxies are just fine or perhaps from a non-industrial coatings professional lack of understanding, such as a property owner how to precisely mitigate all the weak spots in the installation.

Our position is that you need to know all options, reasons and limitations your installation may have and give you the best solution for your specific needs. We’d rather turn down a project then soil our reputation and fail to meet your expectations.

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